Making Sharing and Communication Simple

Mooresville Friends Church (MFC) is wired. A shared server helps administrators share and store important documents. Laptops pop-open at meetings all the time. Now the church’s staff has a flexible website that matches their tech-savvy work-flow.

Built with WordPress, is easy to edit and change. WordPress is ideal for those who want a high performance system behind their web design that’s easy to update without advanced training. The church can focus on its activities and quickly share information with its members instead of harassing an outsourced webmaster to do the work.

Making the website easy to use was critical to MFC’s vision for the project. The website is the main element in their plan to attract and retain young families and new members to their community. As new people come in and natural transitions occur in the life of the church, new people will take on web-related responsibilities and communications tasks. They can be trained on WordPress by the church’s own staff, who received free training from Roundpeg as part of the web design project.

Autonomy and flexibility are important to small businesses and organizations like Mooresville Friends Church. Without website autonomy, communications can be delayed, and inflexible communications systems restrict growth. For MFC, the new website will be their wholly-owned home base as they grow and welcome new friends.

Mooresville Friends Church