Once again, Noah Coffey and Shawn Plew have put together an incredible event with the 5th Annual Blog Indiana. It was informative, fun, and so much more.

Curious about what happens when 200+ bloggers and social media professionals gather in one place for two days?

  • Around the room, you hear multiple conversations which start with: “I follow you on Twitter” and end with smile or a hug.
  • The hyper-connected crowd brings with them average of two and a half electronic devices per person, which tests the limits of  any facility’s Internet capabilities (My hat is off to U Indy. While there were a few bumps, for the most part, we had wifi and lots of outlets.)
  • Thought-provoking conversations (and a few friendly debates) about marketing, social media, technology, trends and of course, cats.
  • Tough decisions as participants had to choose between several great sessions in each time slot.
  • Thousands of #BIN2012 tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook status updates
  • Lots of laughter, a few pranks, and even some social good. 
  • Finally, a little drinking and a sad goodbyes as we wait patiently for Bin2013 – Aug 8-9 2013 at @UIndy


If you missed BlogIndiana this year, don’t worry. Allison, Peter, Tina and I walked away with pages of notes, photos and video clips which will form the basis for many blog posts in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, check out my two favorite pieces of swag from the conference: The old-school composition notebook from the team at BlogIndiana and the very cool key-size jump drive from DK New Media