Remember the old face-or-vase optical illusion? Take a look at this clever art piece, especially the mesmerizing video clip that accompanies it. Just like the face/vase image, web design is two things. There’s planning and designing, followed by production and construction. Both sides of web design have their unique pleasures and challenges.

We’ve had two recent projects that divide up these tasks. In one case, we designed the visual components for Indy Franchise Law’s website while another company constructed it based on our design. On the opposite side, we helped Kenney Corporation build a fresh, new web presence designed by Silver Square Inc.

Kenney Corporation provides complete irrigation and landscaping services through its three companies. They have four websites, each of which has a consistent layout and organization, but with specialized graphics and color schemes. Kenney worked with Silver Square to create their initial branding and the look of their websites, but chose to have Roundpeg construct the new websites.

We use Adobe Photoshop to plan new websites, as do most web design firms like Silver Square. The resulting files are like blueprints for the websites. Images rest on top of each other 10 and 15 layers deep to build up the designs. These plans are really great and fun to work with. Putting the four websites together was a lot like assembling a puzzle where you have to form each puzzle piece yourself. Every graphic element was extracted from Photoshop, isolated and polished up before being installed on our working framework. Take a closer look at kenneyoutdoorsolutions.comKenneyOutdoor

Our role with Indy Franchise Law was similar to Silver Square and Kenney. Another company would take over the project once we completed the web design. This way, we could laser-focus on a design that worked towards the client’s marketing goals. We helped Indy Franchise Law write strong calls to action and plan for web content to keep visitors coming back. Read more about our design for Indy Franchise Law.

Here at Roundpeg, we see both the faces and the vase. Our projects integrate design and marketing tools with the latest technology, so we’ve got an insight on nearly everything. If you’ve got questions about web design, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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