Create Simple, Strong Calls To Action

One of the basic elements of a web design is a web button. Like a dressed-up hyperlink, these are the interactive bits of a website that visitors use to get around. Web designers use the metaphor of pressing a button to talk about this interactive element. In the past, designers crowded websites with columns of shiny, jewel-like buttons that all said “Click Here.” Thankfully those days are (mostly) over. But call to action buttons are still essential to a useful and successful web design.

Think about web design like throwing a party. The best parties celebrate their guests. Even a birthday party is better once it turns into an everybody party. The same is true with your website. This party might be you-themed, with you-favors and decorations, but the guests must feel like everything benefits them. And they must be invited to the dance floor. Use well written calls to action with well designed graphics to invite people in.

Take a look at this example of a good web button. Etsy is an online marketplace with thousands of vintage and handcrafted items for sale. Their website is utilitarian, yet elegant. There is also a giant ad on the homepage. But it’s a gorgeous banner, a party invitation calling you to join their good time. It’s a simple and strong call to action.

The best thing about Etsy’s button is it’s unfussy, homespun design. Very appealing to fashionable, granola-eating crafters. The second best thing is the casual, natural sounding call to action (CTA). Notice how it doesn’t say “click here,” it just says “Join.” Use an action verb that actually describes what you want visitors to do. So try “Purchase Tickets” instead of “Click Here to Purchase Tickets.”

WordPress Blog Button

Just another call to action button.

Another example of good CTA writing is this button from might have said, “Click Here”. But a longer and more natural sounding phrase is friendlier and more accurately describes the result of your interaction.Whether you have a website or you’re working on your first one, take care to write and design good call to action buttons. Your visitors are looking for an invitation.



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