We’re in the last sultry days of summer. Kids have started to go back to school. And all across Indiana, marketers and social media types are in a flurry of activity to finish their Blog Indiana presentations.  “BIN”  is Indiana’s premier social media and blogging conference, bringing together passionate, dedicated Hoosiers to talk about all things digital.

The program offers something for everyone from the novice to the experienced blogger.  This year, both Lorraine and I will be presenting.  I’ll be delivering the opening keynote on Thursday morning, talking about how to create your own visual content strategy for fun and profit. Then make sure you catch Lorraine’s break out session on Friday, when she’ll talk about how she stopped being her brand and became a person on Twitter.

While it’s a thrill to present, we know we’ll walk away with a slew of new marketing ideas to take back to our business and our clients, as well as a group of wonderful new friends and contacts.

If you don’t have your Blog Indiana tickets yet, they’re still available. The conference will be held August 9-10 on the University of Indianapolis campus.

Hope to see you all soon.