Hi, I’m Tina the newest intern here at Roundpeg. I have been here for exactly two hours and I’m thrilled because I’m sitting in a room with a group of people who help businesses look and sound their best. I finally get to work at place where everyone is focused on one thing: marketing! Ok, they are focused on marketing and cats. For some time now,  I’ve been interested in how social media is changing the way people do business. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend a Social Media Weekend at Columbia Journalism School that covered various trends and how-to’s. I was hooked. My interest has since become a passion and I’ve figured out that I want to have a career in marketing that incorporates some aspect of social media.

Fortunately, there is a lot of information out there so I learned as much as I could on my own. Working part time at a dental office as a marketing coordinator, I helped the practice get a small start into social media via a practice Facebook page. Realistically, though, I needed hands-on experience specifically in social media marketing for business. It wasn’t until a friend who recently worked with Roundpeg suggested  I contact them about an internship. So, here I am at the computer with a cat on my lap.

I’m originally from Philadelphia but I’ve lived here in Indy for almost six years. My other interests include volleyball, good books, and hiking.