While there does not seem to be an end to the summer heat in sight, it is the end of the summer for our Intern Drew, who leaves us to head back to school.  Here is his last blog post about one of the unexpected things he learned during his internship

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over and my time at Roundpeg is finished. On May 14, I walked into the office for my first day not really knowing what to expect. 12 weeks later, I know to expect the unexpected. When I interviewed here in February, Lorraine told me that no two days would be alike, and she was exactly right. From learning how to use programs like WordPress, Eventbrite, ConstantContact and Tinderbox to performing basic SEO with Yoast and writing the occasional blog post, I’ve done something different almost every day and had a more rewarding experience because of that.

I’ve learned a lot this summer, and I’m sure my endless questioning drove everyone a little crazy at times, but everyone here has been a great resource for me, often stopping what they were doing to help. One of the most rewarding moments this summer was when I was able to teach Peter and Whitney how to use WooCommerce, a great e-commerce plugin that I used to create a shopping cart for a client.

One of the unexpected takeaways this summer wasn’t about marketing or web design, but how exciting Indianapolis, especially the Indy social community, really is. All my life I’ve heard people say that Indianapolis is boring. This recent article calls Indianapolis a mediocre city. Until this summer, I would have agreed with all of that. I’ve heard countless stories about friends of Roundpeg in the Indianapolis social community, and everything I’ve heard has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve been introduced to a lot of really awesome people here through MTFW, our weekly radio show. I’ve always been interested in Indianapolis as the “Amateur Sports Capital of the World,” and was excited that the 2012 Super Bowl Indy hosted was home to the first ever social media command center. I’d never really given any thought to where I’d like to end up living one day, but after this summer I can confidently say that Indianapolis is right at the top of the list.

While I won’t miss the evening commute home to Muncie, or the six (and sometimes seven) day work weeks, I’ll always look back on my time at Roundpeg fondly. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned this summer back to IU in a few short weeks, where I’ll be entering my junior year. Stay in touch with me on Twitter here.