This week we say goodbye to our summer interns. Jessica returns to IU in Bloomington and we wish her well. 

Of all the posts I’ve written here at the ‘Peg, this one is by far the hardest to start. To say the least, what I’ve learned and experienced in this little white house doesn’t all fit categorically onto my resume or neatly into my portfolio.

Yes, of course I’ve been immersed into a real business climate, and that’s not to be understated. I’ve learned so much about communications, social media, public relations and how to improve my writing (Thank you, Allison!). I’ve even caught a hint here and there about web and graphic design. I’ve been introduced to tons of tools that I’d never even heard of before.

The most important lesson I’ve taken away in terms of business is the importance of knowing customers and having a friendly, professional relationship with them. I’ve seen and heard Roundpeg employees interact with client after client. The best product is created from mutual and efficient communication, just like a friendship.

But besides that, I’ve learned to get along with cats. Or maybe I’ve just mastered how to effectively avoid them. I can also thank this job for conquering my fears of I-465 and rush hour traffic. I’ve learned the hard way never to withhold my birthday from this crew, especially my 21st. I know more than I’ll ever need to about beans, sandcats and caffeine addiction. And by the end of the day today I’ll know whether or not I like Indian food.

When I first came in for my interview here, I was intrigued at the atmosphere and how everyone seemed to fit perfectly into place. I’d never been in a hot seat surrounded by strangers and not felt intimidated. That impression has definitely stuck, except they’re not strangers anymore. It’s been a pleasure coming into work every day and not feeling like an intern, but feeling like part of a team.

So today I put Roundpeg in my rearview mirror. It’s going to be a weird goodbye, but I’ll be keeping in touch!