A client recently asked about sharing PDFs on his website. He was hoping for a more elegant and interesting option than a link which you clicked and then waited for the document to slowly download or open.

We have a number of clients with PDFs on their site, so I was sure if I found a good tool to share digital media, the solution that would work for him, it would work for others as well.


We found several but settled on Issuu.com  because this digital publishing platform was easy to use, with simple upload and embed features. With both free and premium versions available, it is a great starting point for anyone who wants to share content to a wider audience.

To me, the experience felt like YouTube, with simple uploads, the ability to tag my content with keywords, link back to my website and share on Facebook and Twitter.

I tested Issuu with my social media white paper, and I like the look of the content. It is easy to expand, turn the pages or download a version to my desktop.

Do you use any type of digital media sharing tool? What other applications have you found for this type of too?