Specialists in demolition, Indianapolis-based Denney Excavating is often one of the first crews on a construction site, demolishing what is there so something else can be built. It was a fun turn of events when they came to us to demolish their existing logo and build something more contemporary and professional instead.

Denney Excavating logo

Like any demolition process, we broke the job into steps. Jenna started by looking at fonts which would be strong enough to represent the brand on trucks and uniforms.

She selected the Acklin font for its strong D and interesting Y for the company name. She choose the clean, simple Helvectica Neue font for the word “Companies.”

Next, Jenna focused on the design elements. She replaced the “swoosh” of the “y” with a wall of bricks upon which the logo would rest. That is definitely my favorite part of the logo because of the way it visually grounds the entire design.

The toughest part of the project was finding a good replacement for the arm of the excavator. We wanted a more complete image that would be recognizable as a excavator.  The client wanted the graphic to be accurate and thought many of the simple versions we liked looked like toy trucks. The challenge was finding something literal enough for the client but not too detailed for a logo. It took a while to find exactly the right image.

Once the logo was designed, the conversations turned to color.  Leaving the red behind, Jenna found a striking combination that will make sense in a construction environment. The grey and yellow looks good on their website and will stand out on a truck, sign or uniform at a construction site. The end result is a logo that is no longer “under construction.”


DenneyCompanies Logo

This is another work example, but Roundpeg an Indianapolis graphic design firm.