What a week. We headed down to Paul D’Andrea’s M10 studio for new team photos. Even the cats had their photos taken. We can’t wait to see the proofs next week.

In between the cat wrangling, and the routine of building websites, designing logos and writing strategy for social media campaigns, we even found the time to write a few blog posts. If you haven’t been here all week, here’s a list of what you missed:

Saturday – Creating Web-Specific Logos
Sometimes you don’t get to start from scratch on a logo design. Jenna explains the process of generating an event-specific logo for a client.

Sunday – Filtering the Noise: Why Pinterest Does it Better Than Google+
Initially one of the major features of Google+ was the so-called ability of real, targeted information reaching the right people at the right time. Along comes Pinterest with the ability to follow and connect with only the parts of someone that you’re interested in.

Monday – Nothing Ever Changes
Although marketing tools have changed (or been added to),  the rules for good marketing haven’t really changed in 50 years.

Tuesday – Following and Not Following Pete Cashmore

Peter explains how he is having great fun with social media by tailoring it to his needs.  And those needs do not include following celebrities, even tech celebrities like Mashable’s Pete Cashmore.

MTFW: Social Media and Non Profit Causes
This week we chatted with Alex Keys, VISTA Volunteer for Indy School on Wheels.

Wednesday – Less Emphasis on SEO, More Emphasis on Content
Blogging for business is about more then just SEO. A strong blog is the core of your Internet marketing strategy.

Thursday – Waiting for the Image
As more emphasis is placed on visual content, photos are no longer nice little extras. This web site project was delayed for months till we found the right one.

Friday – It’s Easy
In marketing, it’s not about the first burst. The payoff is in the consistency.