Intern, Jessica Weimer gives us an update on her first few weeks at the ‘peg.

I’m starting my third week here as we speak. As I get more and more comfortable at Roundpeg, I realize  I don’t actually dread coming to work. I don’t watch the clock constantly wishing for 5:00 to arrive. And there hasn’t been one day, or one hour even, that I haven’t learned at least a few new things.

There’s one piece of advice I received that sticks out in my mind: people like personality. I guess in school they teach us to be professional, and more or less boring. Turns out being professional can be fun if it’s balanced right. If I wanted to be bland, I’d change my major to engineering. Just kidding, Dad. I’m learning more and more to put a little of Roundpeg’s personality in the writing I do here. After all, that’s why our clients hire us. Because we like to market “with a healthy dose of fun.”

As you can imagine, there’s quite a lot of unfamiliar software that comes with the Roundpeg intern territory. I’m not a dummy when it comes to computers, but throw something at me that I’ve never seen before and I tend to get a little jittery. I don’t want to go deleting important stuff or something. I’ve had to get over that fear very fast. I’m becoming quite friendly with WordPress and many other technologies. I have more usernames and passwords written down than I could ever remember, though I’m told I will eventually.

It has definitely been easy to settle in at Roundpeg. I was told when I interviewed here that no two days would be exactly the same, and that has stood true. I’m even getting used to some of the lingo around the office, and it doesn’t sound so much like a foreign language. I have no doubt that I will continue discovering countless new things about myself and about the industry. That’s what I signed up for, so bring it on!