One of our recent guests on More Than A Few Words had great advice for small business websites. Colin Clark of Tribeswell said, “You’ve got an ace up your sleeve [as a business owner].” The idea is to identify what makes your business special and show that off online.

The Denney Companies provide demolition and excavation services to Indianapolis’ largest institutions. From the Georgia Street renovation to the Keystone Towers demolition, their equipment and workmen do the heavy lifting on many improvements around town. They’ve got fleets of gleaming dump trucks, mighty machines and a towering high-reach excavator with albums of photographs to prove it.

These photographs are Denney’s ace. The pictures document the company’s impressive abilities. They’re also eye-candy for man-children and machine buffs.

During our web design kick-off meeting with Denney, they told us they wanted a website design that would display all of the wonderful pictures they had with the ability to easily add even more.

We helped them pick a great theme and customized the design with new branding and a host of other features to put their pictures front and center. Denney’s new website is a destination for demolition videos and great pictures of larger-than-life machines at work.

Check it out at