The Internet is such a wonderful, strange, interconnected place. What did we do before it? Just a few days ago, a typically oddball scenario took place that’s leaving a huge smile plastered to my face. It’s one of those tangled snarls of life that shook out in a way that’s fun and profitable for everyone.

I’d recently read NUVO’s fascinating article on the revival of burlesque in Indianapolis (may not be safe for work; I was actually doing research for a client when I read it. Don’t you wish you worked at Roundpeg?) I tweeted my interest in checking out a show. It seemed like great fun, a way for women to take control of their bodies and have a little silliness at the same time. So I tweeted about it. Let’s let the tweets tell the story, shall we?

That in and of itself would have been a great conversation. I found out more about burlesque and had a great lead on a local troupe. But Angel Burlesque did one better:

Now, on a surface level, this is a really nice thing to do, right? Introduce a burlesque virgin to this interesting subculture and potentially earn a fan for life? Yeah, that’d be nice, but I’m going to bet Angel Burlesque was smart enough to read my bio and notice that I do local arts reviews for Yep. In a few seconds, they’d secured not only a fan–they had a critic who was going to sit front and center at their show Monday night and write about it for literally tens of people.

Why am I talking about all this? Because it’s an example of why you need to be listening. Angel Burlesque isn’t a huge organization; it’s a passionate group of people who are dedicated to this art form. But one of their members was reading from her iPhone during her day job and caught the mention and replied.  In doing so she secured the kind of PR that money can’t buy. It didn’t cost them a dime, just a few seconds.

And your organization is too busy to be on social media? Your company doesn’t see the ROI? Here it is, ladies and gents. Heck, these ladies impressed me so much they got two blog posts out of it. Would love to see all of you at the Spring Scream on Monday, 8:30 at Crackers in Broad Ripple.

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