We are working with Crown Services, a regional recruiting firm.  Our goal is to help them create a self sustaining social media program.

To do this, we created a new cover photo for their Facebook page, wrote a series of blog posts and then began training them on how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and company blogs to build awareness for their brand.

Slowly their corporate team has been taking over more and more of  the day to day, but we know it needs to be a company wide initiative.  To help make that happen we are conducting a series of how-to webinars.

The first was on LinkedIn Basics for Business Development. While I was using many examples specficially for recruiters, the content is relevant for anyone wishing to expand their LinkedIN participation.

We are experimenting with a new tool for the webinar.  Anymeeting  allowed me to record the entire program, audio and side bar discussion.

Simply click here to view the entire one hour webinar.

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