The Entrepreneurship Advancement Center (EAC) asked us to design another logo for them recently, but this time the challenge was to create a supplementary logo for an upcoming event. The Entrepreneurship Celebration Conference is an annual networking event for entrepreneurs hosted by the EAC. Because it will occasionally be used in addition to the EAC logo we designed last year, it was important that it be done in the same style, but still look good on its own.

As with any logo design, the process of designing a secondary logo involves a lot of back and forth between client and designer. Cathy and I agreed we wanted to incorporate some of the design elements of the EAC logo and stay with the same color palette and font. I originally introduced black into their branding on their Facebook page cover photo and avatar. It provides a nice contrast to the lighter colors in the rest of their logo.

Cathy was very happy with the first round of logos I sent over, so we started the process of talking about the elements of each one and narrowing it down to the four options she liked best. There were things she liked about each of them, especially the way the EAC logo elements were being incorporated in the designs.



For the next round, I combined some of the shapes and styles from the previous set of logos to create three new ones. Although I had been partial to the circular option from the previous round, it was the least “on brand,” so that style was eliminated. We ultimately decided the second option was too busy, so Cathy sent the final two options to her planning committee. They really liked option #3.



After tweaking the spacing a bit and making sure everything was lined up perfectly, this is the final logo. The clients love it because of its simplicity and how well it matches the original logo while still being unique.


The EAC branding was developed by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis logo design firm