When I was a kid, a local banker came to our class and explained how compound interest worked. He went into great detail and had lots of numbers on the board showing what happened to your money if you left it in the bank a few weeks, a few months or even a few years. What I learned was the original investment became more and more valuable because of all of the interest which was compounded on top of it. Clearly that model works better in periods of high interest than low interest, but there is always a value in having a little bit of core principal in the bank.

The same is true for your website. Every keyword rich blog post compounds the value of the core site and all other blog posts on the same topic. It takes a bit of work, but linking from your blog post to other content on the site enhances the value of both posts. One of my favorite WordPress plugins, TDD Recent Posts, will do this automatically, displaying a list of other posts with similar tags which the reader may want to consider.

Adding a post a day takes work, but it really compounds the value of your blog. It takes a long time to build critical mass, but you can tell when it has started to happen. As your traffic starts to increase, look at the traffic to your website on any given day. When  realize the most popular page is not that day’s post, but a series of unrelated posts each with a strong following,  you will know that the compound interest has  accrued for your blog. This inbound marketing strategy can help bring new customers to your doorstep and educate the clients you already have.

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