We are starting to dig into the data in our 2012 social media survey, and some very interesting facts have emerged with regard to the amount of time business owners are spending, and the results they are seeing.

The average amount of time business owners are investing is declining.  This year 79%  of the respondents indicated they are spending one hour or less. Why the decline?   The comments in our study seem to indicate it is a mix of more productivity tools and a more focused approach to social.

But these business owners who are cutting back, may be missing opportunities.   The results do not promise every business owner will grow their sales with social media.  However there is a clear indication that companies reporting significant results from social, 26% or more, are definitely investing more time.

So are we suggesting you need to jump in blindly increasing the amount of time and hoping something sticks?  Absolutely not, in our experience, the best results come from time backed by a clear strategy.   And many of the survey respondents agree. Here are just a few of the answers in response to the question – What changes are you making this year:

Creation of a content marketing strategy in lockstep with our social media presence. We defined our primary social channels and which content type is best suites for which channel.


Watching data more. Paying more attention to type and timing of posts and responses. Experimenting more to determine words that work and who responds to what.


Our focus has shifted to measuring the effectiveness of our social media activity in driving actual leads and not necessarily just traffic to our site or casual interest. In the end, closed deals are really the main reason for doing any of this.