Recently, I was having a kick off meeting with a client. “Tell me about your brand,” I asked him. “What do you want people to think and feel about your company?”

“In the past few years, we’ve tried to go from a company that just wants to sell things to being a trusted resource. People may not always buy from us, but they’ll respect us and know where they stand,” he said.

That answer brought a giant smile to my face. Why? Because this guy gets it. The old sales and marketing strategy of pushing a product is dead and gone. The new way to make sales is to build a relationship. Yes, you still need to have a great product. But even if you’ve created a new iPad killer that will make you breakfast in bed, none of that matters if you don’t have an emotional bond with the person or company doing the selling.

No, that bond doesn’t have to be hearts and stars or Apple-like fangirl devotion. Simple trust will do. An expectation that you’ll be treated properly, that these people have your best interests at heart–even if what’s in your best interest isn’t buying from them at all. Because it’s okay if a prospect walks away this time. You’ll still have earned their trust. And when needs change or things don’t work out or their cousin needs a referral, who will they turn to? The disinterested company who sold them what they asked for, or the thoughtful company who gave them all the information and let them make an informed decision for themselves?

Your prospects are people, and they deserve to be treated with respect. Focus on building a relationship based on trust, and you’ll find incredible results. We hope you’ll let Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing company, be your trusted resource. We promise to do our best to steer you right.