When I started Roundpeg, I knew I needed to have organized way to manage my contacts, and a phone book didn’t seem very practical.  I started with a series spread sheets and since I am a bit of geek, I built a contact list using access.  t worked for awhile, but eventually there were too many contacts to manage effectively.

Over the years, I have used  Outlook and ACT until finally discovering AddressTwo. Created by local entrepreneur Nick Carter, AddressTwo is a simple CRM tool for small business owners and it is perfect for me.   With all of my prospects, leads, and customers in one place I get more done. And when I am out of the office, my entire team has access to the same contact information. With the notes and history section, even our newest team members know if they are talking to a client, prospect or competitor.

And, perhaps my favorite feature is the mobile and remote access.  It doesn’t matter if I am at work, at home, at a client’s office, or even one the road, I can always access AddressTwo. There is even a mobile edition works seamlessly with my iPhone.  So, if you are struggling with managing  your contacts, maybe it is time you tried something new. Check out the free trial of AddressTwo, and see how much more productive you can be.