I have been told that numbers in the title of a blog post attract attention so today, I’ve got a big one: 1,911. That is  the current number of blog posts  on the Roundpeg website. We should have about 300 more but an unfortunate incident with an intern last summer…ok, we’re not going there again, sorry Scott.

Anyway, back to the number 1,911. You see, Google views every one of the 1,911 blog posts as an individual page. Each one is viewed as a source of credible, relevant content for small business owners  looking for information about small business marketing strategy, web design, social media and graphic design.

And the effect of all of this content is cumulative. Each subsequent post builds on the foundation of the content we shared a week, a month or a year ago.  The net effect is that our small business blog has authority.

Why? Because  the  longer you have been blogging on the same topic, the more authority you have. The more likely you will appear on the top of the search page. So what do you do if you don’t have 1,911 pages of content?  Well the simple answer is start writing.

The more complex answer  requires a bit of strategy. You will not have immediate authority for every key term, so pick a few and write consistently on topics which allow you to use your keywords easily in the context of the blog post. Then link to the posts from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Find others who write on the same terms, and comment on their posts, and link to yours. And more then anything else, keep writing.

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