This week, I will be in Seattle on Tuesday and Columbus, Ohio on Friday talking with business owners and recruiting professionals about social media. While the general themes will be the same, there will be some distinct differences in my presentations.

In Seattle, I will be talking with HVAC contractors. For this group, I am going to focus on Facebook as a means of driving traffic to their primary website. Strategies for them include short videos of technicians introducing themselves, and interviews with customers. For the contractors who focus on remodeling, I am going to also encourage them to consider creating Pinterest boards of dream kitchens and dream baths.

In contrast, my group on Friday will be comprised of staffing professionals. Like the contractors, Facebook will  be important to their marketing efforts. Their primary objective will be to encourage applicants to view their job listings.    For this audience, I am going to suggest alternating between information on specific jobs and short tips on  interviewing techniques. For their secondary platform, I am going to suggest this group build a strong presence on LinkedIn. At its core, that network is definitely about finding your next job or your next employee.

When I get an invitation to speak, it is almost always about social media. But social media has become a very broad topic, and what is relevant to one group is not to another. It is no longer a one size fits all topic, just as there isn’t a one size fits all approach to using the tools to build a business.

It comes down to: What’s In Your Social Media Stew?