If you are a regular visitor to our blog, this post might be a little basic. But we know that more than 70% of our visitors are here for the first time. We also know many of those readers are just starting to use social media for business, so today’s post covers some of the questions we get asked over and over again.

Do I need to be active on all the social networks?

While it is good to have a presence, it is hard for most small business owners to maintain active profiles and run their business. Or suggestion: pick one network and do it really well. If you have the time or energy, add others as you master each one.

Which network should you focus on? It depends on your business:

Facebook and to a less extent Pinterest make sense for consumer products and retail establishments.  In contrast, Twitter is perfect for restaurants and entertainment venues. Professional services should probably concentrate on developing a strong network on LinkedIn.

Which network will help me achieve my goals? Is your goal attracting new clients, strengthening bonds with existing clients, or building a reputation as a subject matter expert?

Facebook is where your friends hang out. Without a solid customer or contact sphere, it will be hard to launch a succesful business page without some investment in advertising. This platform is at its best helping you connect with and strengthen relationships with existing clients.

Twitter is a terrific place to expand your circle since there are few restrictions on who you can follow and talk to. Of course, you have to say something of value if you want people to talk back.

Where is the best place to share media?

Facebook’s’ new Timeline feature makes it an ideal place to share photos, photos and more photos. Twitter is all about the words. If you write good blog posts with snappy titles, be sure to share them here. LinkedIn doesn’t need as many updates, but when you jump in, make your updates count by sharing your best content.

How much time do I need to spend on social networks?
For most small business owners, an average of 30 minutes a day should suffice. This is less time than you waste driving to the coffee shop, and the pay off is much better. Just be sure you use your time well. Follow the 80/20 rule: Spend 80% of your time responding, liking and talking to others. Spend 20% on your own status updates
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