Twenty years ago, I managed a team of talented professionals who were scattered across the county. When we got together, I made sure there was always some team building activity planned. My favorite was a drawing project.

A large sheet of paper was placed on the floor. In the center of the sheet of paper, I drew a swimming pool with no water. I drew myself on the diving board, with one foot extended over the edge. I gave everyone colored markers and asked them to draw themselves into the picture.

The results were delightful. My assistant drew herself with arms loaded with towels and band aids. She wasn’t sure what I was going to need when I landed, but she was prepared.

The others each added themselves into the picture actively pouring water, carrying hoses, or spitting to fill the pool. The caption read:

Don’t worry Lorraine, there will be water when you get there.

I loved that picture and it hung in my office for years. I loved it for what it said about me. The fact that I firmly believed things would be alright, if I just had the courage to leap. And,  I loved what it said about my team, that I could count on them no matter what I got us into.

When the team broke up and we went our separate ways, I never thought I would feel that way again. There were other assignments, other teams, but it was never quite the same …until now.

Today I have that team, that group of creative and clever people I can trust to find a solution to anything I get us into.

And so, as we head into our next decade, I can leap with confidence, because I know there will be water in the pool.