I learned a long time ago, if you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with people who don’t think the same way you do and who are good at the things you aren’t. If you are very lucky you will find someone who cares enough to disagree with you.

I am very lucky, because I found Allison.

She argues with me, she asks pointed questions, she corrects my grammar and spelling, and tells me when I screw up. As annoying as that is, I can’t imagine life at Roundpeg without her.

Allison loves structure and routine, so when I suggest something new, some change in our operating strategy or new software, I can always count on her to ask the tough questions and point out the flaws. This is not to say she is unsupportive, just cautious. While I can get her to change with enough prodding, more often then not, she has saved me from rushing off in the wrong direction.

She would rather write a note than talk on the phone and she hates big networking events. How could I possibly hire someone who dislikes big networking events? But she doesn’t like them. That doesn’t mean she is without a network. Through social media, G-Chats, and intimate events, Allison has built a solid power circle, which rivals any of my networks. She just did it in her own way.

But we don’t disagree on everything. We share a common love for animals. While she will insist bringing home Maybee was my idea, I distinctly remember her singing a chorus from the song “Maybe” from the musical Annie until I gave in. (She sings better then I do, too.)

We share an off beat sense of humor, an addiction to Diet Coke, a love of art, theater and Project Runway. Most of all, we share a passion for what we do. We argue about what we believe is in the best interest of our clients and Roundpeg. The result is usually a better idea then either of us would have had on our own.

Did I mention how very lucky I am, that Allison is one of the Faces of Roundpeg