There are thousands of websites populating the internet, each one unique and different. But not as unique and different as you. How could they be? No one else has poured as much time and as many resources into producing their homepage. On top of that, everyone else’s social media efforts are bland and puny. When your company account retweets Rainn Wilson, the Twitterverse listens. Your logo is a work of art, the likes of which have not been seen since advertising’s creative revolution in the 1950s. In short, you are a perfect lil’ snowflake.

Unfortunately, everyone else is also a snowflake. The flake-ification of business brands is enabled by easy new social media tools, the aggressive growth of web marketing and design firms, and the trend of “fun and quirky” as the new “cool and edgy.” So the challenge becomes, if everyone has access to web design tools, and it’s easy for everyone to “be different,” how does a snowflake stand out in the snow?

It’s an easy lesson. Be yourself. Even if that means being a little like someone else. They say everyone has a double, so why can’t your website have one too? The trick is to be yourself to your audience. Don’t worry about the guy in Albequerque who’s got the same style website. Your audience will probably never know or care. Don’t worry about the delightful restaurant in Minnesota that posted the same funny photo as you. Chances are no one cares but their own patrons. If you’re doing it right, your community is too busy loving you to love someone else.

Start getting some love with these four big keys to standing out on the web.

1. Know your audience.

2. Build your communications and website around that audience

3. Produce fresh content at least two or three times a week, even if it’s just a photo from your phone. Share it with your business’ friends.

4. Accept your dopplegängers

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