A study by Forrester Research concluded that less than 25% of all people on the internet are “content creators.” The vast majority of people simply consume content, occasionally commenting on or sharing things they find interesting.

Less than 25%. That is good news, if you are one of the 25%. Why? Because unlike your competitors, you are giving your customers (and search engines) reasons to come back to your website again and again.

Does it work? Absolutely. Over the last two years, we have documented the increases in web traffic our clients have experienced as a result of regular blogging. While results vary based on industry, we have seen increases in web traffic, completion of contact forms, views of contact pages, and actual calls as a result of a web visits.

For some clients the growth was slow and gradual, perhaps a 10% increase each month. For others we have seen dramatic growth, as much as 300% in a five month period. So do you think you would you sell more if your web traffic increased 30, 40 or 200% ? If so, what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to get started. Write that first blog post, and then a second, and maybe even a third.

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