Lately, I have been seeing a lot of bloggers adding images to their posts. And if you are paying attention, you have probably noticed many more pictures on our blog too. Why? There are several very good reasons to add pictures to your blog and web design strategy:

    1. Google and other search engines are doing a much better job of indexing images. The picture gives you one more hook for search.
    2. Pictures attract the eye. As people scan your blog archive, they are drawn to the posts with an image.
    3. Images can reinforce or expand the ideas presented in the blog post.

The trick is to pick the right image, something that is attractive and relevant. If you can’t find something which fits, you might have to create it yourself. You can go out and take a photo, or create a chart or graphic image.

Burger Breakdown

Mark Smiciklas  of Intersection Consulting does this better then any other blog I have found lately. Although he doesn’t post often, each post on his blog is accompanied by a relevant, original meaningful image. Maybe that is why he doesn’t post as often.

The graphics themselves are so content rich, you almost don’t need the supporting text. For example, this image from a post on content strategy clearly delivers the idea that at the core of your strategy is the audience.

The clever arrangement of the interesting icons held my attention much longer than words alone.

Is it worth the effort to spend the time creating something this intricate? If it is well done, it will be shared over and over again. Images have tremendous viral potential.

Mark has built his contact information into the graphic, so everyone knows the source. I am linking to him from the image, and I hope you will go and check out his blog, because there are many, many more cool graphics on his site.

I am sure that not every graphic he has created has gone viral, but if one does, it pays off over and over again with a steady flow of new traffic to your website.

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