Social media’s greatest power is in connecting you with people you may never have met otherwise. Just look at my good friend Randy Clark and me. We work on opposite sides of town, him as an in-house marketing guy at TKOGraphix, me as an agency chick. He’s into playing classic rock and roll, I’m into curling up with a good book. He’s an inveterate extrovert while I’m a curmudgeonly introvert. There’s also a smidgen of age difference.

There’s no reason we ever would have met, let alone become friends, except for social media. But because of a connection made online, we’ve become peers, referral resources, mentored each other and become friends.

Using our own experience as a framework, Randy and I will be discussing how to take those precious social media relationships from the digital world to the real one for fun and profit. We’ll be presenting for the Richmond Social Media Club on January 13, 8:00 a.m. at the Community Room in Whitewater Hall at IU East. We hope some of you can join us there. Click here to register. I promise to bring the snark, and can assure you that Randy will have more corny jokes than you can shake a stick at.

The Indiana social media community has created a number of powerful business and personal relationships, tell us about yours.