We write one or two posts a day for our blog. Some of them attract lots of traffic comments and interaction, others come and go, mostly unnoticed. Why? Sometimes a title is particularly catchy, other times it is the topic itself that generates a response.

But many times, our content is lost in the overwhelming sea of information. There are too many posts by too many interesting writers, too much noise on social channels or we didn’t work hard enough that day to break through.

It is frustrating, because some of my favorite posts are overlooked. That is why I really like Tweet Old Post , a WordPress Plugin. This tool  randomly picks your older post based and shares them on Twitter. Here is what I really like about the tool:


You can specify the interval. I have it set so the interval between posts is at least 8 hours, but may be as much as 10. So we typically share 2 – 3 old posts each day. Since the time is random, I hit a wide range of followers with the content.

Post Age:

You can specify the age of the post. Since I use this to re-engage people with older content, I have it set for posts older then 90 days.  This takes visitors deeper into our website. Often, they leave comments which refreshes the page for search engines. I also set the time limit for no posts older then two years, because much of that content is no longer relevant.


Certain posts about events and time-sensitive comments  can be omitted, so the reader doesn’t feel like they have wasted their time following the link.

We have used this plug in for about six months and have been really pleased with the results. We have seen many of our old posts get a second chance to shine, with comments and retweets. I would strongly recommend installing this WordPress plugin on any blog with more than one year’s worth of content.