When I started Roundpeg, the company was run from a spare bedroom in my house. My cats Snowball and Midnight were my companions and coworkers. Midnight enjoyed sleeping on my planner or mouse pad and Snowball was always fascinated with the movement on my computer screen.

It felt  strange when we moved to the little white house and there were no animals.  That didn’t last long. Rebecca was remodeling her kitchen and her dog, Bonnie, was not getting along with the construction workers. I agreed to let her come to work for a few weeks.

Four years later, Bonnie is a regular part of the routine at Roundpeg. Her daily duties include greeting the team, ignoring our cats, charming our clients and snoring as she snoozes on a pillow in my office.


If you are going to have an office dog named Bonnie, you have to have an office cat named  . . . you guessed it, Clyde. And of course, we do. Weighing just a few pounds when we got her, she quickly established herself as the head of the office.  When she is not hazing interns, new employees and the other office animals, you can find her perched high on bookshelves surveying the chaos beneath her.

maybeeAnd finally, there is Maybee who can always be found in the middle of things. Every water cup and lap are her domain, including those belonging to potential clients or prospective employees.

The animals are a part of Roundpeg adding personality to our Facebook page and fun to our office. They make us laugh as they interrupt our work flow, sales presentations and seminars with their antics.  Most of all, they make our house feel like home.

For more of their antics: Check out our Cats at Work Album on Facebook.