They had many nicknames in the Indy business community, but to us they will always be The Boy Band. An unlikely duo, Jay Mattingly and Taylor Brough  shared a sense of  fun and a passion for what they did which allowed them to find a collaborative rhythm.

As solo artists they brought dramatically different backgrounds, skills and personality styles to Roundpeg.

Taylor was the quiet one.  He would often hesitate, thinking carefully about what he wanted to say. When he spoke up, it was worth paying attention.  After three years of working together, he could read my mind and my handwriting.   I am not sure which I valued most.

Jay exploded into every room he entered.  He had a million ideas and loved brainstorming with me. His telephone personality was an amazing mix of fun and business, and I know people called in just to talk to Jay.  The office is a little quieter without him.

 When they both left this summer to pursue bigger dreams, they took a piece of our hearts with them, but they left behind a wonderful legacy:

  • Roundpeg Radio which started as a bit of summer music fun and transformed into our popular weekly podcast More than a Few Words.
  • Adventures in Dining and Adventures in Culture – A standard practice of road trips as a team to find unusual food and experiences.   Next up? Paintball!
  • On the business side they gave us a huge portfolio of great logos and websites and the RP avatar which is now the face of Roundpeg on all social media.
To my favorite boy band, Jay & Taylor: Thanks for the music!