As snow gently floats down from the steely gray sky, I find myself once again writing a final blog post.  About three months have passed since I wrote my last post.  Although in my last post I promised that you would see more of me in the future I had not expected the opportunity so soon.

Almost immediately upon my return I realized that things were different.  Around the end of the year things usually slow down but this year was an exception.  A good amount of work had accumulated and that made for a busy winter break for me.

Among all the work there were a few shining Roundpeg moments.  Around Christmas we had a Roundpeg holiday party.  Abandoning the work setting and talking to my coworkers at an informal dinner was a fun experience.  As always, drives to get lunch provided entertaining chats.  A personal fun moment was when I soccer momed everyone else to get lunch in a minivan and to get out of the parking lot we had to drive over the lawn.

As an intern at Roundpeg I recognize that not everything is fun and games but forgive me for not boring you with all the work related stories.  Already I am slipping back into school mode and I hope that the fun times had at Roundpeg and everything that I’ve learned here will carry me safely back into the learning arena so I can advance in my studies.



P.S.  Anyone notice that every sentence started with the letter A?