Winter is here (sort of) and so is a fresh season of Roundpeg seminars. Join us at the office for an hour of straight talk and Q&A that gets to the heart of small business communications.

We’ll have coffee brewing (you can bring your own too) and a clean whiteboard in the conference room waiting to fill up with good stuff.

Call 317-569-1396 or Register Now to let us know you’re coming.

1/12 – 10 Tips for Better Websites  – No one designs a website to deliberately turn off clients, prospects, and search engines, but all too often that is the end result. In this intimate workshop, we will review the most common mistakes web designers and small business owners make.

The working session will include general tactics and a review of your website. We will evaluate navigation, copy, animation, pictures, page titles, keywords, and much more.

1/26 – Social Media Stew – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn–from the outside, it can all seem like a confusing jumble. But social media is a critical marketing tool for keeping in touch with your current clients–and bringing in new ones. With social media, you can keep customers and potential customers informed, engaged, and educated about your company and your industry.

2/9 – Marketing by the Numbers –  Any good marketer knows that the best programs, plans, and decisions are based on the numbers. As you start thinking about your 2012 budget, we will help you understand the numbers which connect your marketing investments to your bottom line. You’ll learn to develop and implement affordable marketing plans based on your business objectives.

2/23 – Blogging Basics – Search engines are getting smarter every day.   Keywords and meta tags are no longer enough to drive traffic to the website for your small business.  Search engines are looking for real, relevant and timely content.  The best way to do that? Blogging. In this session we will so we’re offering a crash course on blogging strategies. We’ll talk about why you should blog, what you should blog about and how to get the most bang for your buck from the blogging process.

3/8 – Random Strangers to Raving Fans –  People don’t become customers overnight. Typically they start out as random visitors to your website, or someone you bump into at a networking event. Helping those strangers get to know you is a process which involves sending the right messages at the right time.  We will look at how social media, web design, email marketing and old fashioned face to face all play a role in this process

3/22 – 10 Mistakes Business Owners Make When you set up on a long trip to an unfamiliar location, you need a map. The same is true for your business.  Discover the most common mistakes business owners make as the develop their business plan, and how to avoid them

All seminars are held at the Roundpeg offices at 8 am.

1003 E. 106th St, Indianapolis, IN 46280

Most of the sessions are filling up.  Add yourself to the wait list, and we will contact you if a ticket becomes available.  There is one wait list for all the classes. We will contact you to confirm which sessions you are interested in