We just finished up a website redesign for Randall Beans, who requested our help because they recently went through the rebranding process and needed a site to reflect the updated look. Their old logo was done in a generic yellow and red color scheme, which when it comes to food products, usually implies cheap and unhealthy (Think McDonald’s, Wendy’s & Burger King). I was very pleased when I saw their much more sophisticated new logo and color choices.

When we spoke on the phone during the initial kick-off meeting, Scott and Meredith stressed the importance of making the site feel warm and inviting.  They emphasized that Randall Beans is well known for using only the best quality of ingredients.  The new website needed to reflect both elements.

Their new labels are color coded based on type of bean, so I used these colors as accents and then made the majority of the site shades of brown and tan. The brown tones and texture are meant to complement the logo, and also gives the site a “natural” feel. The graphics used in the sidebar are borrowed from the new labels, which just makes the entire site more cohesive and on brand.  It creates a consistent experience as customer move from store to web and back again.

Fortunately, Randall Beans was able to provide us some high quality photos of their products, which I incorporated into the rotating banner. I think this really helps sell the product, because instead of just telling the customer Randall Beans are nutritious and versatile we can actually see it for ourselves.

This was an interesting project because we came in half way through the rebranding process and had to use what they had started. We were lucky their new look was such an improvement, and I applaud them for taking a step in the right direction. Rebranding is an important step in the growth of many companies, and I’m glad we were able to help Randall Beans with theirs.