Twitter has Klout, Facebook has insights, and G+ now has Social Statistics.  Google+ Statistics track the top 100 users and the most popular posts on Google+.

It also gives you your relative position in the Google+ universe.  As of this writing I am around 18,948 out of the  870,000 profiles they are tracking.  I am not really sure what that means, but they do offer a nice little badge I can put on this post to proudly proclaim my status.

I don’t really need another measure and I am not interested in the top users.  They tend to be celebrities who aren’t really all that interesting, but don’t write off Social Statistics yet.  The popular posts are cool.  It is kind of like Digg meets twitter.

Dropping in from time to time, I can view a list of the posts getting the most +’s.  Since I currently follow a very small community, it is likely I would miss much of this content. True, there is the usual assortment of porn, and photos of whatever Paris Hilton is doing with her dog.  However, there are really some really interesting posts reaching the top as well.

For a small business owner looking to get their feet wet in the waters of Google+, the latest social media network, this is a great way to find interesting posts and people.

As a firm specializing in social media, Roundpeg of Indianapolis is always checking out the latest tools and tricks. Do you have a favorite? Share it here.