People often say we look alike and ask if we are sisters.  We smile, and say no we are just friends.  But we actually share something else in common.  You see, as the other grown up in the office, Rebecca shares with me the job of Roundpeg  Mom.   While our young staff often turns to me for career and business advice, it is Rebecca they turn to for personal issues.

In addition to her real job, running the office, she  helps make the little white house feels like home.  She shops for us, so Allison never runs out of Diet Coke, I always have milk for my coffee and peanut butter.  ( I eat a lot of peanut butter.)

The thing I value most, besides the fact that she has more patience then I do to deal with vendors, suppliers and slow paying clients, is the fact that she really is a great mom.  She knows when something is wrong, even before we say it.   Rebecca has her ear tuned to the emotional pulse of the company.  She knows when we need a break, when one of the team members needs some reassurance or encouragement, or when an issue needs to be addressed.

I am a high “D”, driven and very direct so sometimes I am oblivious to what is going on around me.  Rebecca notices the subtle cues, and helps me maintain the warmth and balance which is such an integral part of our culture.  Finding clients and delivering product is the easy part of building a company, finding employees and building a team, now that takes a lot of different skills, including one or two moms!