Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Now that you’re stuffed full of turkey and caught up on all the Black Friday deals, catch up with Roundpeg’s blog posts from the week:

Saturday – Faces of Roundpeg: My Frenemy Hazel
Lorraine writes about her good friend, Hazel Walker, and how their friendship has impacted her both personally and professionally.

Sunday – Social Media and Small Business
Read about the Zoomerang’s research into Social Media. It confirms some of our Social Media study’s findings and provides additional insight.

Monday – Twitter Friends
Lorraine’s words of encouragement on jumping into Social Media, will you make “little-while” friends or create long term relationships?

Tuesday – Hometown Flair Makes for Great Website
Joe explains why one of our newest web site designs is his favorite to date.

Wednesday – LinkedIn Where Does It Fit in your Social Media Mix
LinkedIn doesn’t initially seem to be a good Social Media tool, but on reconsideration Lorraine made sense of it.

Thursday – Creative Compromises to WordPress Limitations
Another new web site design is launched. We went outside the box to creatively meet this client’s needs.

Friday – New PlugIns for WordPress Web Sites
New plugins are created almost daily, allowing for further customization of WordPress web sites.