Almost four years ago, we started using WordPress to design websites.  We love the easy to use software, the variety of themes we can use as a foundation for our designs, but most of all we love the Plugins.  There are literally thousands of plugins which add features and flexibility to a web design project.   Just when you think you found something your WordPress theme can’t do… someone creates a plugin which enables the impossible!

From simple shopping carts and slide shows, to complex SEO and site optimization tools, we have found solutions by adding plugins to just about every site we create.  The biggest challenge is often deciding which version to choose.  Is Featured Content or Featured Content Gallery a better choice? Sometimes you just have to try a few to find those that you like best.

It is fun to  search for the next great plugin, but I usually leave that to our interns to test and try, so we can offer the best alternatives to clients, but then we standardize.    That makes it much easier to support clients when they forget how to use a given plug in.

My favorite plugins right now are : The eZine article plugin which allows me to share content to my author account easily  and Scribe SEO.  Scribe isn’t free, but I love the information it gives me to improve the SEO of every post and page on our site.  As we try to improve our search position on key terms like Indianapolis web design, Scribe keeps me pointed in the right direction. It is a great compliment to the Yoast plugin we install in all of our client sites.

What are your favorite plugins?

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