More than a few years ago, Lorraine and I were neighbors and friends. We would frequently walk together in the evenings. She had transitioned from big business employee to small business owner and I had thoughts of updating myself in some fashion as my kids were transitioning from preschool to elementary school.

On one of our walks, I mentioned to Lorraine that I might be interested in taking a course or two to update my computer skills and I wanted to know what were her thoughts? Well, instead of recommending coursework, Lorraine suggested a part-time job at Roundpeg.

In the beginning, Lorraine officed out of her home just 2 doors away. She would frequently come over barefoot to deliver my next to-do list. The beauty of that job in the moment was that most of the work could be done at any hour. When Lorraine moved into what we now consider to be our world headquarters, it was not an easy transition for me.  Lorraine and I agreed that the situation was no longer working for either of us.

Fast forward about 6 months, Lorraine asked me to fill in “temporarily” as she looked for a new person. Here I am many years later and I don’t think this is temporary any more. I have learned far more from Lorraine and the “kids” and this position works for me because of the flexibility. When my “real mom” job calls, kid sick, doctor’s appointment, college visits and college drop offs beckon, I can take the time that I need. Bonnie the Bouvier comes to work with me most of the time, this too was initially a temporary measure when we remodeled our kitchen. She is now a fixture at Roundpeg and the office is not the same without her mostly quiet presence.

Coming to “work” at Roundpeg is always an unknown. Many days chaos reigns with the phone ringing non-stop and clients and potential clients coming and going. Lorraine depends on me to keep a handle on the daily office life, still not sure what role I will play for Jenna and Joe.  Allison is easy, as long as I keep her stocked in Diet Coke she’s happy.

I am here most most mornings, if you are in the area, stop by to say hi.