Part of what builds a culture is a series of shared experiences.  So this month, the shared experience at Roundpeg is a Pumpkin Carving night.  Interested?  Do you think you have an way with a knife?  Or maybe you just want to share a little fun? Swing by the little white house, Thursday afternoon around 4:30.  We will have a little beer and snacks, and lots of knives. If you want to carve, you have to bring your own pumpkin.  But you can also just come to hang out.  We would love to see you!

And for a little fun, we are bringing back a special episode of Roundpeg Radio.   The theme?  Halloween of course.  We will be accepting requests all day , so send us your suggestions via twitter, with the hashtag #RoundpegRadio,to any member of the Roundpeg team and we will add it to our playlist.  I have kicked off the list with my favorite, the monster mash!

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