As a social media firm, Twitter is such an integral part of life at Roundpeg, we often assume that everyone is as comfortable on the medium as we are.   But the truth is, the twitterverse is still relatively small compared to Facebook. So, if you are just getting started on Twitter, welcome to the party.  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

In many ways, getting into the flow of Twitter is a lot like attending a party.  At a party, you might have several different types of conversations.

  • You can speak privately with one of the guests. On Twitter this is a DM or direct message. Only the person to whom the message is directed will see the message.  Just as it would be awkward to whisper into the ear of a complete stranger, Twitter requires that you are connected to the other person in order to send them a DM.
  • At the same party you may be chatting with a friend, when someone else who knows you, walks up, and joins the conversation.  On twitter, these conversation will include an “@” before someones name.  This message will show up in a specific part of their stream, so they will know the comment is directed to them.  Other people who know us will also be able to see the conversation, and add their thoughts and ideas too.
  •  You might simply exclaim something outloud, directed at no person in particular – perhaps saying “Hey Look at This.”  Anyone at the party can respond or ignore you.  On Twitter, this is the equivalent of a status update.  Just like real life, you will get more interaction when you talk to specific people, rather then standing in the room talking to yourself.

So that’s the basics, ready to join the party?  Follow me @lorraineball or the company @roundpeg.