The moment a great idea hits can be exhilarating. A sudden spark of imagination and – Voilà! – your left and right brain begin to click on all cylinders. Once the excitement is gone, though, how do you recapture it, bottle it up, and hand deliver it to each of your customers?

Often, organizations face this problem after their marketing firm has completed its work and left you to implement the strategy on your own. But don’t worry, here at Roundpeg, we won’t leave you hangin’!

Here is a quick, easy-to-follow way to make your brand shine after the planning process:

Your culture is your brand, your brand is your culture

In order for your brand to shine outside of your organization, it must do so inside. Following your branding campaign, each employee must reflect that brand. If not, customers will find inconsistencies in your brand positioning and the messages communicated by employees.

At Roundpeg, we know your businesses most valuable resource is your employees. By integrating your corporate culture into branding initiatives you have a better chance that your strategy will show through at every point of contact.