After four weeks, Brittany is settling in.  Here is an update on the continuing adventures of our Intern:

By Brittany Wright

I’m into the fourth week of my internship here at Roundpeg, and I’d like to share some of my experiences thus far with all of you. Remember all of the things I wrote about two weeks ago? Well, I have quite a few more things to add to the list now. First, I’ve completed a ghost blog post for a pretty big-deal client, created and published another press release, worked on drip campaigns for both Roundpeg and a client, created a month’s worth of tweets for the same company, wrote a blog posting for our website about the amount of time you should spend on social media in order to create genuine relationships (remember to check it out on September 13th!) and have been managing Roundpeg’s Facebook postings.

On top of all that, the juggling of classes and work is officially underway. This semester I’m taking Agencies & Entrepreneurs, PR Planning and Strategic Marketing Management. Agencies & Entrepreneurs is a class that focuses on teaching future PR professionals about the pros and cons of opening their own agencies versus joining an already successful firm. I’m not sure that there’s anyone more qualified than Lorraine to teach me both sides of the road, but I’m giving it a shot.

PR Planning has gotten my attention because I’m such a research nerd, and now I can begin to apply my findings to an actual campaign. Strategic Marketing Management is a required course than generally gets PR students shaking in their boots because it’s only offered through the Kelley School of Business. Thankfully, I’ve spent much of my working life the marketing field, so I’m not quite as concerned as some others. However, the Kelley School of Business is definitely not a school to scoff at. As one of the top-ranked business colleges in the nation, I know the class won’t be easy-as-pie.

I determined to again maintain a 4.0 this semester and still give 110% to Roundpeg. When I start to get overwhelmed, I just remind myself what this is all about, and that is leveraging myself as a top-notch PR professional in this ever-growing field. I feel blessed that Lorraine gave me the opportunity to hone my skills and work hands-on in her company and I don’t intend to give her any less than my best.