Would you ask a dentist to fit you for a new pair of glasses or a plastic surgeon to deliver your baby?  Of course not.  Why? Because each of these medical professionals is a specialist.  They have both been to medical school but each has a specific area of expertise.

While we understand the concept of the specialist when it comes to medicine, we seem to forget  it applies in other areas too.  For example:  All computer related fields require the same skill set.  WRONG!  The serious programmer, who can write code with his eyes shut, doesn’t necessarily know how to design the front end (user interface ) of web site.  He may know how to get a picture to appear in the upper left hand corner of the page, but he probably doesn’t know if  that is the best place for it to be on the page.

The same is true for social media!  On a regular basis business owners tell me they have a niece, son or younger employee who “gets Facebook” so that person is going to handle social their social media.  Really?   I know how to drive a car, but you wouldn’t want me at the track at the Indy 500.

If you are hiring someone to help you develop something so integral to your business as a web site, or social media program, you might want to make sure they have the training to do it right.

The team at Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design and social media firm doesn’t drive race cars or deliver babies, but we can help you deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.