For the last few months we have been working with a large company on a series of projects. For the most part  we have enjoyed the change of  pace from our small business clients. There are days however, as we bounce from one person to the next, trying to get a decision, that I remember why I left corporate. I could never put my finger on it exactly, till I stumbled across this post on Magnt.   The author describes the situation this way:

Most organizations start out lean and mean. They’re willing to take risks and try new things. It doesn’t take forever to make decisions or change directions. As the market fluctuates and shifts they’re nimble enough to go with the flow. They’re fighting guerrilla warfare style. Inevitably, these organizations grow up though.

And when they do it gets harder to get things done.  People start to focus more on the process then the result. The larger the organization, the harder it is to connect every individual member to the original mission.   The author says companies suffer from memory loss, as they forget what originally fueled their passion.

I hope we never get that big.   I will be content to grow slowly, adding one new person at a time, so we can bring them into our culture and our passion.  I have noticed, we struggle at the beginning of the summer as three new interns descend on us all at once. They have a good experience, but they are rarely connected to who we are the say way our fall and spring interns connect.

I have lived in the world of big business, slow movement, and few successes.  I don’t want go back, and I don’t ever want to feel that way about Roundpeg.  What about you?  How do you protect your company culture?

Roundpeg is proud to be an Indianapolis small business marketing firm.