This is the final post from our Intern Stephanie Boyden, as she heads back to IU for her senior year.  We will miss her and wish her much success. 

This summer I have had the pleasure of being Jay’s marketing intern  at Roundpeg. From blogging to SEO optimization, trying new restaurants to our daily ritual of watching cute animal videos on YouTube, I have truly done it all in my internship.

One of my favorite projects was working on the Capital Machine website. On the second day of my internship I went to the initial meeting with Jay and Lorraine and saw the project all the way through to the website’s launch. I don’t know many companies that would let an intern do this on her second day, and I feel grateful that Lorraine and Jay allowed me to be such an integral part of the project. I also had a lot of fun doing it as I learned WordPress along the way. I will proudly display this website in my portfolio during my job search starting this fall.

While searching for an internship, one thing  I didn’t consider was the culture and day-to-day work environment of the companies I interviewed with. I was all work and no play in my internship search. Luckily I ended up at a company that is tons of fun to work for even though that wasn’t high on my list of priorities. I didn’t know it then, but I do now- interning at a company where you can learn something is essential, but having fun at the same time is what will make your internship experience complete.

I am excited about my last year of college and to see where my job search takes me in life. But I will always look back on my time here at Roundpeg fondly. Thank you Lorraine, Jay, Allison, Taylor, Jenna, Rebecca, and Sharayah for an unforgettable experience.