Most women have had this experience at least once.  You find the perfect dress.  You love it and feel great when you wear it until …You walk into a party and come face to face with another woman wearing the same dress.

It happens.  Unless you are having your clothes custom made for you, and even then,  designers follow fashion trends.  A little black dress will look like other little black dresses.  So how does a woman create a distinctive look with ready-to-wear fashion?  The answer lies in the accessories and the styling. The choice of an odd colored shoe, great necklace, scarf or jacket transforms  the standard ready-to-wear dress into some unique to her.

The same is true for web design.  Today, with more and more designers moving to a WordPress platform which uses themes as a foundation you often see companies using the same theme. The trick is to personalize the theme, with photos, videos and words which make theme your own.

Roundpeg is built on the Nova Theme by Elegant Themes.  We loved the clean canvas it provided for us to tell our story.   I assume other marketing firms will love the theme as well.  But it isn’t about the theme.  It is about  what you do with it.

What makes the Roundpeg site distinctive and truly us, are the messages.  We made a choice to use only words on the front page, and focus on words about what we do for our customers.  Customer focus is a fashion accessory that looks good on us.

When a smart, confident woman walks into a room and discovers another woman wearing the same dress, she smiles and acknowledges they both have great taste. Then she walks away, knowing it looks good on her!