Hello again, Scott here.

Have you ever watched a dog show on television and thought to yourself, “Wow! that dog is so well behaved, I wish my dog was like that!”  If you think about this a little more, you will realize that most of these dogs have been raised for the sole purpose of competing to win.

Now lets take a look at websites.  Most websites are created for a purpose as well.  You can go to a very professional company (read Roundpeg) and look at their website and think, “Wow! I wish my website was this good.”  What you have to realize is that websites are like show dogs and a lot of effort has been put into each page of the website.

The purpose of a website’s “life” for a company should be to convert views into leads.  If we are talking about a business company, then the website needs to showcase what the company can do for the customer.  In addition, believe it or not, contact information is important!  People don’t like exerting effort and if your company’s phone number or method of contact is not easily visible they will move on.  If your company is a restaurant then to create customers you have to entice people to visit your location.  Include the menu on your website.  If I’m looking for food in a certain area, I want to know what your restaurant has to offer.  If I go to your website and can’t find what foods you have to offer I will probably not visit your location.

If you create the best website for your needs, people will start noticing.  Think of how happy the owner of a dog is when it wins best in show.  Every time you get a lead via your awesome website you can safely think, “Wow! My website beat out the competition.  I win best in show!”

Today’s blog post is by Scott Pfeiffer, one of the Roundpeg interns.  If you are looking for an internship opportunity, we would love to hear from you.

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