Today we say the first of several goodbyes, as Melissa Hennig heads back to school.  We have enjoyed having her as part of the team, and wish her the best in her next adventure.

Where has the summer gone? I know it sounds cliched, but it seems like just yesterday I was starting my internship at Roundpeg. Unfortunately, it’s almost August, and so it’s time for me to say goodbye to everyone.

Reflecting back on my experience, I think I acquired a few new skills that will be helpful going forward in my career. Plus, I’ve definitely added pieces for my portfolio, and of course, the Roundpeg internship in itself is priceless. From “Adventures in Dining” to sitting on the back porch having project list meetings, I can tell you that Roundpeg is unique.

Today might be the end of my internship, but as I have two years left in my graduate program, it’s really just the start for me. I hope to have one or two more internships before I finish, widening my skill set, making valuable connections and adding to that increasingly important portfolio. I think  as a student, in this job market, you need more than one internship.

So that’s it for me. It’s been a definite learning experience, but now it’s time to go finish that 10 page single-spaced public relations theory paper that’s due in a few days. You never forget your first time..I mean your first internship. And I definitely won’t forget what I’ve learned here. I’ll take it with me and use it going forward, in future internships and jobs.